Exciting new developments at Yea Wetlands

Over the last few months, there have been many changes and a number of exciting new developments underway at the Yea Wetlands.

The Discovery Centre has a new name and is now known as the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre. Don Knight, Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre Inc Chairperson said, “We felt the timing was right to rebrand the Centre to better align with the Yea Wetlands. The new name reflects the location and the experiences and activities on offer in both the Centre and the Wetlands.”

Along with the new signage, there is now a brand-new website showcasing both the Centre and the Wetlands. Work is also underway to develop a visitor guide and update the directional and interpretive signage in the Wetlands.

Mr Knight said, “The website, visitor guide and new signage in the Wetlands will be a fantastic resource for visitors and locals alike to discover the many great things to see, do and explore in the area and will assist our team of over 40 local volunteers to continue to offer outstanding visitor information services.”

Another impressive new development at the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre is the recent installation of the Gurrong dharrang, Scarred Tree, artwork by Taungurung artist Sammy Trist. Located at the entrance to the Centre, the sculpture of a eucalyptus tree features Indigenous line art and the Taungurung totems, Bundjil the wedge-tailed eagle and Waang the crow. This project was coordinated by the Honour the Taungurung Yea community group, including Taungurung Elder Aunty Angela ten Buuren, with funding from the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 Aboriginal Community Response and Recovery Fund.

Works were also recently completed on rejuvenating the Yea Fossil Time Path, which winds alongside the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre and tells the story of this land’s geographical history, including the Yea Baragwanathia Fossil. Interpretive signage and an audio listening post will be installed over the coming months.

A new interactive display has recently been installed in the Russel Wealands Interpretive Wing and provides a fascinating insight into environmental water flows in our waterways. The display was developed by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and is a great addition to the educational experiences on offer at the Centre.

Yea Wetlands Walk

For further information visit www.yeawetlands.com.au, call 5797 2663 or follow Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre on Facebook.

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