Rubicon Hotel Motel

Rubicon Hotel Motel

Centrally located at Thornton between historical Alexandra, the mountains of Marysville, and the deep blue waters of Lake Eildon.


As well as 28 motel suites, the hotel boasts a wide range of services and attractions including a Thirsty Camel bottle shop, Tatts Lotto, TAB, Fox Footy, a bistro that seats around 200, a post office and a pool table. We also have a courtesy bus available seven days a week. Rubicon Hotel Motel, is a haven for fishermen situated between the Goulburn and Rubicon Rivers, and is ideally located to serve as your accommodation base for exploring the spectacular countryside.

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1362 Taggerty-Thornton Road, Thornton, VIC 3712


03 5773 2251




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