In The Pink

In The Pink

At In The Pink, every dog is treated like a Show Dog… because no matter whether yours is a prizewinning purebred or a happy-go-lucky farm hound… he means as much to you sitting on the couch as he would trotting around a show ring.


Georgina Covington has been surrounded by dogs all her life, growing up amid a pack of ten Old English Sheepdogs and one wiley Fox Terrier. Animal welfare is her enduring passion, and her hair-raising adventures have encompassed everything from injured snakes and orphaned kangaroos to troubled horses and shy dingoes.
A biologist, canine behaviourist and Internationally Certified Master Groomer, she has worked – literally – with all creatures great and small, in zoos, vet clinics and wildlife and domestic animal shelters.

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279 Cathedral Lane, Taggerty, VIC 3714


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