Country Touch

Country Touch

Unique, quality items including Lothlorian possum fur and merino wool knitwear, Thomas Cook Boot and Clothing Co, sheepskin Ugg boots and oilskin apparel.


Our aim is to offer quality items that are unique, and not often found in regular city retail outlets. We seek Australian Made products where ever possible.
Our clothing range includes; Lothlorian possum fur and merino wool knitwear (from NZ); Thomas Cook Boot and Clothing Co men’s lightweight moleskin jeans and ladies denim jeans, shirts, winter jackets and vests; Euroa Clothing denim wool jeans; Carson’s Clothing Co bush shirts, sheepskin Ugg boots. We also carry a range of oilskin bags, coats and vests and leather hats.
Our winter clothing range is available all year round – ideal for our visitors from the Northern hemisphere!
The children’s corner is packed with gifts, games and plush toys, and a special attraction in the home wears section is a range of pottery from Japan.

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24 Murchison Street, Marysville, VIC 3779


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