MillBuilt have designed a better way to build.


Respected builders, the two brothers are well known for their work in helping rebuild the fire-ravaged Kinglake area, as well as for designing and crafting homes of superior quality throughout the state. Together, they have pioneered and perfected a better way to build. That ‘better way’ is based on the core beliefs that: bigger isn’t necessarily better, sustainability can co-exist beautifully with style, and finally, affordability need never compromise quality.

The result is a range of modular homes built to a whole new level. Stronger and safer. With quality finishings everywhere you look and touch. And designed with due regard for sustainability, from the very beginning of the building process right through to on-site construction and beyond.

Homes, totally at ease with natural surrounds – eco-friendly, spatially ingenious – ideal as haven, workplace, or weekend escape. Homes created true to the belief that you can have more precious time for living.  And did we hear ‘affordable?’ (Yes, first home buyers, they are talking to you.)

Indeed, if you find yourself navigating to the who are you? section of their website, they are talking directly to you – and to the important things you most want and need in your next home.

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